Professional Evaporator Coil Cleaning Services in Maryland

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Evaporator Coil Cleaning Services in Maryland

Performance and Effectiveness

Unfortunately, your air conditioners system performance and effectiveness are reduced dramatically when you have dirty evaporator coils.

Usually, the coils are damp from the dehumidification process, so pollen, dust, and other particles will stick to the coils.

However, if you have dirty air filters or there’s no air filter, the amount of contaminants that come in contact with the coil also increases significantly.

With all the factors mentioned earlier coming into play, dust and dirt can accumulate on the coils in just a short amount of time. So, don’t forget to replace your filter regularly.


Improve Efficiency and Lower Energy Bills

When the coils are dirty, they can also use up as much as 40% more energy than AC units with clean coils. Not only that, but dirty coils can also reduce the AC unit’s cooling action by as much as 30%.

Left unattended, the AC unit will eventually become less and less efficient while the monthly utility bills continue to skyrocket. That said, you must regularly check your evaporator coils and clean them as needed.

Typically, however, evaporator coils need to be cleaned every three months. Without proper care and upkeep, you can end up spending money on air conditioner repair as opposed to maintenance.

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Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

The importance of regularly cleaning your air conditioner’s or heat pump evaporator coils cannot be overemphasized.

With routine upkeep and cleaning, you can keep your air conditioning systems functioning efficiently while keeping your utility bills low.

Now you know how to clean your evaporator coil to keep your AC running in tip-top shape, but if you still have AC problems, it’s time to call out the experts.

Call (202) 779-9716the experts at Chimney PRO and to keep your evaporator coils clean during cooling season.

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Other possible problems that can occur when the evaporator and condenser coils get dirty