4 Simple Tips for Air Duct Maintenance for Pet Owners

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Home isn’t home without your pets. You work hard to keep your house a safe and clean environment for all members of your family – four-legged and winged alike. And while you strive you keep the area free of dirt and fur that can collect on the floor, you probably haven’t considered how pet ownership impacts your air duct cleaning, too.

We dive into 4 easy tips any pet owner can do today to take better care of their air duct maintenance. Pets add more dust and particles that get into the air and can clog up your home vent system. It doesn’t have to be a laborious process though – with simple maintenance, you can reduce the presence of fur and other particles that get trapped in your air duct system. 

At the end of the day, the focus is on more play time, and less cleaning, with those you love. 

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Why Pet Dander Can Be a Problem for Home Air Vents

As a  , we meet with a lot of pet owners who schedule regular air duct cleaning maintenance with our crews. Throughout the years, we’ve noticed that many pet owners aren’t aware of the collection of fur and dander that gets trapped in their home duct system and how this impacts their home’s efficiency and cleanliness.

Home air vent systems collect dust and allergens that circulate up into the air. Fur especially gets whisked away and gets trapped in the duct system. The dirt and fur then collect upon themselves, creating clogs in the duct system. This requires the air duct system in your home to work harder, pushing past the wall of dirt and other particles.

This collection of dust and pet dander doesn’t just cause the HVAC system to work harder, straining your home’s efficiency. The dander and fur also get trapped in the fresh air being circulated. If you’ve ever found it’s harder to breathe, that the outside air is much more comfortable vs the air inside your home, or you’ve had an increase in allergies, it could be because of the dander and fur trapped in your air ducts.

Over time, all of these hazards can put a strain on your home HVAC system. Air duct cleaning is about preserving the lifespan of your HVAC unit, delivering fresh air to you and your family, and reducing home illness by giving you comfortable, breathable air.

Find out how you can make your air filters last longer and your home’s interior much more comfortable with our easy tips below for air duct cleaning for pet owners.  

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4 Easy Tips for Air Duct Cleaning for Pet Owners

Regularly Groom Your Pets and Clean Their Cages

Regardless of your pet’s fur length, regularly grooming and brushing them can go a long way to protecting your air vents and reducing how frequently you need air duct cleaning services.

Once a week or month, depending on the length of fur, take some time to groom your pets: brush and dispose of any loose fur. If possible, groom outside to reduce how much loose fur circulates in your home.

If you have pets other than dogs and cats, you can still get a light brush to help collect their fur and dander. Ask your vet or local pet shop for the best grooming habits for your rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and more. Stay on top of cleaning their cages to reduce the amount of loose dust from their bedding that may circulate, too. Even caged animals release dander and other dirt that gets trapped in your air vents. 

Vacuum and Dust Weekly

After your pet’s habitats are cleaned, it’s time to focus on your home. Fur and other dirt easily get trapped in the corners of rooms and stuck in carpet fibers. These particles then get circulated as you and your family move throughout your home.

To stop more dirt from getting trapped in the air vents, you want to stop the dirt and fur from circulating. You can do this with regular vacuuming and dusting. Make sure to focus on corners, areas near air vents, and anywhere else fur can get trapped in clumps.

Even if you can’t see it, that doesn’t mean the dander isn’t circulating. Take the time to create a cleaning schedule to make your vacuuming and dusting quick and simple, and you’ll notice in a few weeks’ time how much easier it is to breathe and how much more comfortable your home is. 

Frequently Check Your Home Air Filter

The recommended time to change your home’s air filter is based on a family without pets. Pets bring fur and an influx of dirt and other allergens from the consistent in and out of opening doors. These habits bring in more dirt that then circulates your home’s air filter.

Make sure to check your home’s air filter at least once a season to see how trapped or clogged it is. Based on how many pets you have in your home, you may even want to do this once a month if you’re dealing with a lot of in-and-out or extremely long fur that is more likely to clog the filter.

Order new air filters in bulk from your local HVAC company so you always have a filter on hand. Professional air duct cleaning companies can also review your filter during your annual air vent cleaning and recommend how often your home should be switching out your fitler based on the state of your air vents.

This is a fast and efficient way to stop more dirt from getting into your air ducts, saving you a lot of money over time. If nothing else, always stay on top of your air filter changes when you have a busy home filled with pets. 

Schedule Professional Duct Cleaning

At least once a year, you want to schedule professional air duct cleaning with a reputable cleaning company near you. This gets all the trapped dirt and dust out of your air ducts and lets you start new with fresher, cleaner air.

No matter how many times you groom your pets, vacuum your home, or change your air filter, it won’t help as much cleaning your air ducts. Whatever is in your ducts gets circulated and your goal is to prevent dust from clogging it up and staying trapped in your home’s air.

Companies like Chimney Pro make it simple to schedule your residential air duct cleaning service and we even recommend how you can improve your air quality all year long inbetween cleanings. 

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning for Your Pet’s Comfort, Too

It’s not just the air you breathe, it’s the air for you and your pets. These little tips and tricks to help with air vent cleaning will go a long way toward home comfort for everyone in your house. You can start today by getting an appointment with Chimney Pro and seeing what a difference clean home air vents can make.

Stop worrying about air quality and start focusing on home comfort. We promise, we make it easy.